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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 430am  ABC  September 9, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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now, he is already wanted for kidnapping and an attempted kidnapping. the fbi thinks he may have a 3rd the. >> >> i am said i will be taking something away from them. here we go, a very bold statement from the challenger. our hometown hero getting ready to defend his title in cleveland's first ever ufc fight. back tomorrow are we fighting off -- tomorrow are we fighting off any bad weather?
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weather but maybe nuisance weather. it is that pesky rain that is falling in certain portions of our viewing area. some counties waking up to light sprinkles. a little bit heavier as you wake up in carroll county. let's get ahead and look at those temperatures. this has been the major headline. temperatures right now, 74 degrees cleveland. we are already off to a cooler start then we were this time . as we head through the next couple of days, we are expected to see those temperatures cool off. nor the accidents or other incidents to report but we want to start off with a traffic reminder. adcock road is going to be close. this is a 12 week project. northbound lanes will be closed between center and miller road. you will be able to access southbound. that is local
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will take you on to keller driving. north around will be the reverse . no accidents or the issues to report. let's had outside and get a quick look at our oh dot -- odot cameras . 4:32. come take a look at this: this guy tried to take a girl in cleveland and another in illyria. we're learning er morning. >> reporter: good morning, north ridgeville police contacted the fbi because this case sounds so familiar to the others. the fbi has been aware of this but yesterday they got together to go back to the place where it happens -- happened. a man went through the window of a home in the meadow lakes neighborhood, snatching a
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she was sleeping. the girl eventually escaping and running back to her home. the fbi says it is not positive if this is linked to an abduction in cleveland and an attempted abduction in illyria but the fbi is treating it like it could be the same guy. fbi is spending time in north ridgeville. some neighbors are just hearing about this while others remember what happened and are using it as a scary reminder. >> get with the kids and tell them to be aware of your surroundings, be aware of anyone strange on the street, if there's someone you don't recognize find an adult and let them contact the authorities. >> reporter: the first 2 cases were linked by dna evidence. the fbi would not say what type of evidence was collected, but they are hopeful. if you have any information, give the fbi a call. there is a $20,000 reward being
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we have breaking news: we're just learning about a robbery on the side of cleveland. let's take a live look. shaker square, you can see thieves busted out the front window of an at&t mobile store. phones were taken. we do not know how many. we are working to get you updated. not a new information on a shooting outside of a playstation. it happened in the parking lot. the child's father is the shooter and the victim is the mother's boyfriend. he walked into the police station after being shot and police took care of him. they also immediately arrested the shooter. imagine your at home laying
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it happened to this 26-year-old . he says he first heard those gunshots then felt them go past his head. more than 2 dozen shots were fired on east 40th near central and several homes were hit. one of those bullets hit to virus in the leg -- tavares in the leg. >> i just saw blood and i look and i had never seen such a site like that. i just ran -- sight like that. i just ran and told my mom i got hit. >> he says police got to his home fast but the shooters got away. a monetary team to the year to come up with a proposal. new rules will define when
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force like when someone is already handcuffed or has only verbally confronted officers. he broke the cleveland curse and now he is getting ready to defend his title. nick foley is live at the q. nick this is the first time we have posted a ufc fight. >> reporter: that is exactly right. we have seen him before, but as you said never before in cleveland. the organizers of tomorrow's main event hope that this champion will help put ufc right here at the q back on the map. the 34-year-old headlines the fight right here in his own backyard here key takes on challenger oglestar.
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to defend his own title right here at home. >> for 52 years we had nothing. this is something to be proud of. you can see our broken or i didn't break it i really don't care i'm just happy the city has something to be proud of with the cavs winning the nba title. nothing is better than not. >> reporter: may be another title would be a little bit better for that -- better than that . tickets, at la sold out. you can go to the q website to find out more about that. there is another ohio native fight it -- fighting. evil i will also be on the card tomorrow -- eye will also be on the card tomorrow. still ahead: nuclear threat
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pulled off. what it triggered, and the
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good morning, let's break down your day hour by hour. this morning, a lot of us starting off dry along the lake shore. some of our counties waking up to light showers. temperatures are in the 70s, not quite as hot as we started yesterday. we will build to the low to mid- 80s. that he will bring relief . we will see a mix of sun and
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during that prime high school football our time, but we are headed towards a wet saturday. if you are hitting the roads it looks like a pretty nice commute. the view from our odot camera we're not seeing any traffic issues for coming up we will take a look at some construction projects that may impact your commute. a local football league -- little league was burglarized and vandalized and they are getting help from the pros.>> baseballs and a $2500 check to replace anything a group stole from the park. >> if you don't have baseball, you can't play baseball. once we hear that, to be able to help out in this little way, hopefully that will have a big impact and get these kids back to playing. >> that is exactly right. those thieves took a small
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even cut the cord on the park's alarm system but the indian -- indians coming in for a win . it is a dream come true for many of us, burritos delivered right to your door. where it is happening and the
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north korea carried out there fit successful nuclear test triggering a magnitude pies .3 -- 5.3 earthquake . also, the main suspect find
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explosives is swearing allegiance to isis. it was found sunday filled with gas cylinders. 7 people arrested including 3 women described as it radicalized and fanatics. they were planning a terrorist attack in the busy tourist area. doctors believe a high schooler will survive after being shot by her high schooler -- fellow classmate who then shot herself. officials have not released a motive said the suspected gunman had moved into the area about 6 months ago and appeared to be a good student in school. the school is closed today. there are plans to have counselors on campus for anyone who needs them. right now police are trying to figure out who called in a threat forcing the evacuation of the cincinnati zoo. it included the threat of a suspicious device.
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-- bomb sweeping dogs swept the scene. no word if this threat was connected to the incident with the gorilla. doctors in miami are treating a 2nd baby born with the zika virus related defects. experts say they expect more cases in florida. doctors do not know the long- term effects of that : gary johnson is trying to shake off a huge incident that happened on live tv.>> [ video playback ] >> what would you do if you were elected about a level? >> about aleppo? what is aleppo? >> you are kidding? aleppo is in syria, the
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it. >> aleppo is at the center of the country's crisis. he is here on the view trying to explain himself. >> no excuse, i was thinking in terms of acronym. >> johnson trying to clarify himself later in the day releasina and will probably happen again during the course of the campaign. >> [ video playback ] yes this is pended -- ascended to space. that program should reach the asteroid in 2 years. it will spend a couple of years
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the seven-year mission could unlock secrets to our solar system's past. >> such an interesting mission. i like everything nassau is doing with it -- nasa is doing with it. the asteroid is not expected to hit the earth until 2175. if you are interested in this, let's talk about it on facebook. let's this is also a shot from space with our satellite. you can actually see some of the cloud coverage as well as the letter showers traversing through start county. otherwise -- stark county, otherwise pretty dry. temperatures, that is the other big story. today we are on the cooler end of the spectrum.
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72 millersburg . 69 coshocton. 73 ashtabula. your future cast does a good job of painting the picture. for friday we are starting off the morning with a bit of sunshine, not as much clouds as we saw yesterday. you can see we're pretty dry this morning. the last of the rain squirting out to the south and east. we head into the afternoon and the chance for showers starts to pop up a little bit -- scooting out east. we head into the afternoon and the chance for showers starts to pop up a little bit. for your afternoon plans, just be ready for some showers. this will continue throughout the morning into the afternoon and evening hours. by sunday morning we will finally get relief. in your forecast we will be dry air for sunday and you can see -- drier for sunday and you can see noticeably cooler. we're seeing a lot of green
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build throughout the morning. they are doing some paving work in this area but there are detours. anyone in the streetsboro area reminder that state route 19 is down to one lane. that project is supposed to wrap up in november. let's take a look at our odot cameras . here are 4 live looks at our highways. you can see things are moving along one of colin kaepernick's former teammates kneeling before the season opener last night. marshall said he believes that colin kaepernick's calls to fight social injustice and police brutality. broncos said they encourage employees to stand but understand and also respect there decision. the 49ers are planning to donate $1 million to 2 bay area
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economic inequality. a few days ago, colin kaepernick pledge to donate $1 million to groups fighting racial injustice . let's talk about football: cam newton caught flossing during the their season opener against the broncos. the panthers lost this one, 21?20 but cam newton is winning the fight against gingivitis. >> he probably inspired some kid let's talk about chipotle. >> students and workers at virginia tech can get burritos delivered by a drone. they can order there food -- there -- their food at a kiosk and it
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not be dropped from high in the sky. the drones will lower them using a tether. >> they need to make sure they keep the food truck clean. >> [ video playback ] new for you, prepare yourselves for lady gaga's newest single, perfect illusion. her fans are going crazy over this first single in over 3 years. she is number 2 on itunes.
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-- and terrence lee. up possible store -- a popular store pulled hollowing costumes -- halloween costumes, that is next. for the reckless a look at how the market opens.-- go to break let's take a look
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usually weather is a good indicator that for all season is beginning. that is not the case. is still feels a lot like summer
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summer. let's get a look at that friday night lights football forecast. we will see temperatures in the 70s and i want everyone to win so i am providing dry weather that should help to make everything a little fair. the roadways are looking pretty good. for anyone using state route 44, there will be closures that will affect your commute. the ramp to state route 2 westbound closed. that begins september 19. there is a detour in place that will take you east onto route 2 back to richmond street which will shoot you back west. let's take a look at our odot camera . no real issues to rip or. things are looking good out on the highways. the heroin epidemic in our state is so bad that kroger is not selling any more fake syringes. they were meant to be an
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parents say it is a bad idea because of the ongoing crisis. 4:57 and it is friday. you deserve a treat after the end of a long week including this hard-working canine. you can stop at starbucks for a puppuccino. his handler says he wants dogs to get as much treats as treated like family too. this video has been watch the hundred thousand times in just the last day. >> that is a puppuccino. you really can order it. it is just whip cream. >> that was gone in 10 seconds. >> i wonder if you have to pay for that. here's a look at what we are working on: it is a plot straight from the movies.
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was doing leaving customers paying the price. and the one thing the faa is warning passengers not to pack in the bags.
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appearance north ridgeville staying on high alert. what we are learning about a child predator in that area. let's take a the q pier local fighting champ getting ready to step into the ring and defend his title. good morning everyone it is friday, september 9. >> thank you so much for joining us today. we are going to get you pumped for the usc fight -- ufc fight . what can we expect for the forecast? we can expect kolmar conditions. yesterday afternoon we did have storms


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